Monday, 3 October 2016

''Do not return to the country'', The Chief Minister of the North Warns the people who claimed Political Asylum Abroad.

Eelam Tamils ​​are seeking political asylum abroad and return to normal levels did not return to the country, said that the Provincial Chief civiviknesvaran.Cuviscarlantu visiting Sri Lanka with the Minister of Justice, he said in response to a question from a journalist's visiting.Commenting on this, he continued, the Eelam Tamils ​​seeking asylum in the country, the situation in the country did not send it back.United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and government to hold the combination of both the north and has recorded 17 cases of torture.Terrorism prevention will be maintained until the Tamils, were arrested and sent back to persecution, he said.I do not say all good things come to. The government claimed that the removal of the PTA. However, it is still not deleted.Even after last year's attack on the eighth month of January, 17 incidents were reported in relation to harassment.The country's current situation much better than it was before. Re-established democracy. There is the opportunity to engage in discussions.There is a safe environment for young people that participated in the war, although I can not say. PTA removed, the recorded cases of persons in detention and prolonged detention and harsh manner.This is already happening in the case of political prisoners, he said. Positive answer to this question prevents me PTA.PTA is removed, the normal laws implemented ensure their safety. Alaittuvant tancamataintavarkalai abroad back to the country detained them, what did you do 15 years ago?What did you do 20 years? The investigation will be done 5 years ago. Priority was given to them to engage in armed struggle kattappattamaiye discrimination.Therefore, conditions should be created for their safe return. The PTA must first be removed.In a different method should be brought back to the PTA. In relation to the past, to be granted a pardon. If so, everyone can come to the country. They must. Provincial Chief Minister further said that we will welcome them.Meanwhile, between cuviscarlantu and Sri Lanka to deport refugees to the bilateral agreement was signed yesterday.

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