Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hiatory of Greate Buddha

 Once upon a time King of Suththothanar  ruled Kapilavattu Empire,(Now in Nepal)This Empire was at the foot of the Himalaya.In 563BC King's wife Maya Devi delivered a baby boy ,The child was called name of Siddhartha.At birth there were thirty two sacred sign pointing on his body for his  prosperous future.seven days later his mother died so  he was grown up with his sister makaprajapati, this child became  the Lord Buddha.

Siddhartha greater that the saints will listen to nimittikar, displeased the king, in order to appear to embody punum akkulantaikkut abdication did tilaittuvarac cukapokankalilum attanaic wealth. While appearing pleasant cukankalaik hate in this world. Sixteen-year-old kid growing up kumarananapotu aracilankumariyai marry a beautiful ceremony. Siddhartha's son, a male child was born to irakula irupattonpata his second year. Child born that day itself, there were events that led only to a monk Siddhartha. Siddhartha and his father have organized vayppillatapati tragic to see the sights, the Shows, he had to see. Do not push the old man saw someone much older. After repenting vayvittalariya deadly disease in a patient, the survival of a human body was found badly beaten corpse had to ninkip. Then, the following three events erpattatumutal chance to see the monk, did kalakkumurac him, and they say, 'beauty and everlasting life is not meant to understand that. But, he finally saw the monk's face was calm. Pleasant, carefree life, religious life, he left a lasting inpaneriyaik kantartunpa life ambition was to be uyvikka world are found. So he nalliravile on his only son, wife, mother, father, pleasant comfort, the liberty, wealth, happiness and keep going left and went to the forest. Alara kalamar the first place, then, the place was a disciple sitting uttaka ramaputtirar olukinar their way. Shortly after, they found that uyvi people's morality, let them go to the place of uruvel fasting made garlic tapas. The five monks who were ivaraiyatuttu. Grabbing the arrester without food tapas ceytamaiyinale body, blood and nerves visible body of flesh and bone dry weakened and collapsed without strength. Afterward, he was grilled by starving yourself too far, and that's wrong, it's meynanam dared to get a little food on the first day valiyanrenrum found. He was left with itanaikkanta ivaraivittup monks. Last Bodhi (Bo) sat meditating under the tree to see the light when it was received meynnana. Siddhartha, who became Buddha meynnana light. Bodhi nanamakiya kaivarapperru, were born inpaneriyaik piravamaiyakiya cross saw the suffering. He was then thirty years old. Then, the Buddha taught the truth which they found themselves left behind for them teticcenru pikkukalait. Ivartam teaching them to become disciples asked him. Then many monks became the disciple of him. Arupatuper traveled every disciple send them to teach their pauttamatattaip. Where she taught for many. He heard a new word, joined other religious Buddhist monks gathering meetings. The monks only; Illarattarakiya kings, feudatories, businessman, rich, pamaramakkalum carried pauttamatattai. Roam throughout the forty-five years, the Buddha preached his philosophy. The method devised accordance pikkunikalum turavikalakiya monks. B. ஏற்படுத்தினார்.அரசர்களும் union, building schools and temples to stay monks counts nilapulankalait வழங்கினார்கள்.இவரது donate to some of his old age, he made exactly the reverse, trying to create a rift in the Buddhist religion. However, he did prevent cleavage. Lord Buddha in 483 BC at the age of their enpata the invitation of one of his disciples went to dinner in his house. Mixed poison in the food of his disciples, he fell ill. Then, reeling, he moved into the kusinaka. He bathed in the river kakutta his last shower. However, some time after retirement, he was a natural for the body to எய்தினார்.குஷிநாகா townsfolk made their final duties. The remaining part of the body divided into eight eight villages set on fire and the ashes buried in bone avarrinmel caittiyalayankal were built. There were thousands of disciples of the Buddha. Notable among them cariputtirar, mokkalanar (mauttalyanar), makakacipar, Upali, anantar, anuruttar, katyanar first. Makata nattaracar pimpacararum, Kosala nattaracar pacenati (piracenajit) has also helped to spread the religion of his from his citarkala. Gautama Buddha's teachings and sufferings to relieve the suffering of all human life was one purpose, all the ills of this world peracaiye main reason relates to the concept of man. He also numerical ways of 'good faith', 'good', 'opportunity', 'narceykai', 'better', 'point to', 'credentials', 'good meditation' as everyone preached., The teachings of Hindu caste system, against the poor, the rich, the division was a highly attracted to a wide range of people.